It's time to choose the type of session you would like for your senior portraits! We have given you many options of fun areas throughout our community. We offer two Urban locations; Guthrie Green and The Blue Dome District, where both are trendy and full of creative areas! Another fun filled session is The Lodge; this country-feel property is private and beautifully manicured with two ponds, bridges and a vineyard. The Philbrook Museum offers a beautiful location including gardens, architecture and beautiful pond and sweeping lawns in your images.

Do you want something truly unique? Let's go on a Journey session. You pick the session location and we drive anywhere within a 20 mile radius of the studio!  Your home, a theatre, grandma's farm or to the lake. This a great way to make your session absolutely special!

Take a look at our session galleries and give us a call or request your session right here on our website!

Your senior photos are a BIG DEAL!

Your senior portraits are the first and most important images you may have created as a young adult. We know you want your images to be amazing and truly reflect your personality and your style. We also know that you and your parents want to have the very best value for your money.

At Ervin Photography, we give you professionally trained and award winning photographers.  We offer an array of props, fashion ideas, digital effects and beautiful lighting.  Don't trust your images to 'someone with a camera'.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feel special and be the most important person on your day. 

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Senior Tips

Take a moment and read through some session tips and ideas. These are some general thoughts, but if you have a special outfit full of color and design - you should wear it!  This is a special time in your life and we want your portraits to reflect your flare and personality.  If you are wanting some ideas, you may find some of these hints helpful.

  • DO wear medium to dark clothes.
  • DO choose a variety of outfits.
  • DO bring a long sleeve shirt along with short sleeve.
  • DO bring a parent outfit and a senior outfit.
  • DO pay attention to your undergarments and how they fit.
  • DO bring fun items to go with your style.
  • DO coordinate your outfit from head to toe.
  • DO think about having the lenses removed from your glasses for your session.  This saves time and possible fees.
  • DO wear clothing you feel accents your best features.
  • DO bring important things with you; a vehicle, an instrument or sports gear is a great idea.
  • DO jazz up your outfit with hats, sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, belts and your every day favorite accessories.
  • DO use Visene to get the red out of your eyes per allergies.
  • DO bring some type of chapstick so your lips don't look dry.
  • DO get a good night's sleep and have an awesome session!
  • DON'T wear bright neon colors like green or orange (this color gets on your skin easily).
  • DON'T have a busy pattern for all of your outfits
  • DON'T wear sparkly make up or lotion.  Bright spots will show on your skin in your final products.
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Avoiding Problems

  • Sunburn and tan lines

Please keep out of the sun a week or two before your session.  Many times guys have uneven sunburns from a baseball cap, pealing skin on noses or raccoon eyes from sunglasses.  Girls can have the issue of strap lines on shoulders while photographing in their strapless dress or shirt.  Sunburns and uneven tanning are difficult to retouch and can cause you to incur increased retouching fees.

  • Wrinkled and ill-fitted clothing

Please be sure your clothing is wrinkle free.  This will just increase your love of your images.  Some wrinkles are not able to be retouched out of the finished photo.  Ladies, it is a great idea to try on each outfit with the undergarments you plan to wear.  Each outfit may have a different need.  Move around in your clothing and make sure only the right things are showing.


(Frequently Asked Questions about your Senior Proof Book and Ordering)

 You have picked up your Senior Proof Book…now what? This is a wonderful part of your senior year. Enjoy looking through your beautiful images with your friends and family.

Do I have to make an appointment to order?

No, just come by our studio any time we're open and we're happy to help! Tuesday-Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-1:30.

An additional option is to schedule our Custom Reveal and Order Appointment at the time that you are booking your deluxe session. This appointment will be booked for 2-3 weeks after your photo session. During this custom appointment, you will be viewing a beautiful video of your senior's images.  Our consultant will help you pick your favorite photos and if you decide to place your order that same day you will receive 20% off. The discount applies only to items purchased the same day as the Custom Reveal.

What should I bring with me to place my order?

Come to our studio with all of the decision-makers (grandma, mom, dad and senior) to place your order. Please bring measurements and photographs (if possible) of the areas where your portraits will hang.

How do I order?

Turn to our helpful Senior Price Guide to start planning your order. When you come to our studio, you can view your images in one of our projection rooms. This is a great time to compare all your favorite images side by side. One of our design specialists will guide you in choosing images for your portraits, image panels, gallery wraps and many more possibilities. Let us help find the perfect creative product for you. There are many more custom items to choose from such as image folios, tall accordion books, senior albums and graduation announcements. You may also place orders over the phone at (918) 209-5050.

How do I know what style of image will work best in my home? I’m not a designer.

No worries! We are here to assist not only with providing amazing images, but we also can turn your images into beautiful art for your home. Bonus: if you can provide us with pictures of your home before your reveal, we can show you, to scale, what images and frames will look like in your home or other spaces.


Yes, art is an investment. Senior portraits are an integral part of a very important year.  Show your love by decorating your home with artwork of your senior. Who better to showcase in your home than your sweet senior?

Do you have any discounts?

Yes. If you place your order within 2 weeks after picking up your Senior Proof Book and/or receiving your photo link, you receive 10% off your order. With a deluxe session you have the option to request a Custom Reveal and Order Appointment.  If you order the same day as your Reveal, you will receive 20% off the items purchased that same day.

When do I pay for my order?

We prefer payment in full at the time of your order.  Another option is to pay half of the total order.  This must be paid before orders will begin being processed. We accept checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

What do you do with the deposit I paid when I checked out my Senior Proof Book?

When your order is placed, all deposits will be subtracted from your total balance due. If you are not purchasing your proof book or including it as part of your package, you must return it to the studio before we can apply the deposit to your order. We will refund your deposit to you if you return your proof book and choose not to order.

Do you have a payment plan?

We sure do! An interest-free payment plan can be created to fit your personal budget.

Can you Photoshop me?

Just in case you woke up with a new blemish on the date of your session, don’t worry!  We include free facial retouching for any of the images you choose for your yearbook pose or your print order. This includes removing blemishes on your face and body, simple hair frizzies, mild sunburns, and basic eye glasses glare.  We also soften under the eyes and whiten your teeth. You will look natural and fabulous!  If you have something specific you want altered, be sure and mention that to your design specialist when you place your order.  That is the perfect time to discuss this type of need.

Do you crop the images?

Yes, your images will be cropped in proportion to the size of the final print. When you come in to the studio to order, we show the cropped images on our projector screen for you to approve before we print. We photograph images from your session with a variety of cropping; closer up, mid-body and full length.


When do I get my order?

Generally your order will be ready to pick up 3-4 weeks from your order date. Some of our products take a little longer. Just ask your personal designer for more details when you place your order. We know you are excited to get your products, but perfection takes time!

What if I only want to pick up part of my order?

That’s no problem! Just pay any balance due when you pick up items from your order. No portion of any order may leave our studio until your account is paid in full. Orders must be picked up within 30 days of being notified that the order is ready.

What are the yearbook requirements for my school?

Most of our partner schools have requirements for the yearbook.

Bishop Kelley  Guys: No facial hair or earrings.

Cascia Hall  All: Wear your full school uniform including blazer and red senior patch.

Holland Hall  Guys: Please choose dressy casual or dress clothes suitable for school event such as awards assembly or Baccalaureate. No props. Vertical image cropped from waist or shoulders up.

Jenks  Girls: Modest dress or top. No strapless or spaghetti strap, and no cleavage. Clothing should be in accordance with school dress code.

Guys: Wear a collared shirt. A t-shirt may only be worn if also wearing a collared jacket, blazer, or sweater.

Metro Christian - Girls: Modest dress or top. No strapless and no cleavage. Guys: Wear a collared shirt (tie and jacket optional) and no facial hair.

What if I just want to be in the yearbook and don’t want to order anything right now?

We understand that the senior year is expensive. That is why we offer our interest-free payment plan. If you still don’t want to place your order by September 1, just call us with your yearbook choice. You can contact the studio when you are ready to order.

When is the yearbook deadline?

Deadlines vary by school but the first deadlines start the first of September.

How long do you keep images on file?

We currently maintain an archive of around 1.2 million images. We keep images on file for at least one year and usually longer.

What is copyright?

Ervin Photography ("Studio") shall be the exclusive copyright owner of all reproductions, digital files, proofs and final prints of all created images. It is a violation of federal copyright law to copy or scan the proofs or allow photographs we have created to be reprinted, duplicated, digitally reproduced, copied, scanned, or altered (digitally or otherwise), without our express written permission. You agree to purchase photography prints directly from us unless in possession of the digital files. The digital files remain our sole property unless purchased by you. You also agree not to authorize any reproductions of the images for commercial use. The engagement of the Studio does not constitute work for hire as defined by the United States Copyright Act. Client may not sell or transfer copyright.

That’s it for all of the legalese! Basically, we work really hard to make a great product. We hope that clients see the value of that and don't try to take our hard work for granted by duplication. That's all. Thanks.

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