Our Legacy

Our story began in 1976 at Oklahoma State University. From party pics to fine portraiture, we have been involved with Oklahoma memories for 39 years.   Being in the “memory” business is not for the faint of heart. We cherish your memories as if they’re our own. We constantly remind ourselves of the important role we play in our clients’ lives so that we photograph each session as if it’s the last picture you will ever take. We feel like the ultimate storytellers because we’ve been telling your story for so many years. So now your story is part of our story. Ervin Photography’s history is intertwined with that of our family, our friends, and our community.

Our Mission

We believe that the true treasures in life are the people we love: our family, our friends, and God’s greatest blessing, our children.  We know firsthand how quickly our children grow and how soon all we have left are our memories.  At Ervin Photography we are dedicated to preserving the most precious moments in life through the art of photography.  It is our goal to create beautiful and lasting images that will touch the hearts and lives of each and every client who places their trust in us for years to come.  In every session we want to capture a moment of pure, authentic joy in someone’s life.

Our Values

We carry our personal beliefs into our studio every day.  This is not “just business.” It’s personal, really personal.  When we are entrusted with our clients’ lives, memories, and images we cherish that and take it to heart.  We hire the members of Ervin Photography family with great care.  We go to great lengths to make sure they share our love of family and community and believe in the sanctity of creating something timeless for each and every client.

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